Watched by a local resident and Robert Redford, Paul Newman reacts in mock pain as his daughter pushes down on his knee while they all sit on an outdoor bench in Cuernavaca, Mexico while taking a break during the filming of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1968.  Photo by Lawrence Schiller.

Marilyn & Marlon

  Although I decided not to make another long-term commitment to the stage, I was glad to get back to New York after the filming of Streetcar. I lived in an apartment at Sixth Avenue and Fifty-seventh Street near Carnegie Hall and dropped in from time to time at the Actors Studio to meet girls. One […]

Spencer Tracy

“Spencer found life very difficult. It was acting that was easy.” ~ K. H.  Happy 113th Birthday, Spencer Bonaventure Tracy! (April 5th, 1900 – June 10th, 1967)