Cary Grant

“You know that I may never look at this without remembering the quiet patience of directors who were so kind to me, who were kind enough to put up with me more than once, some of them even three or four times. I trust they and all the other directors, writers and producers and my […]

Spencer Tracy: A Biography

On the day actress Hope Emerson— six feet two and 240 pounds— was to hoist him into the air (in support of Amanda’s contention that “woman can be quite the equal of man in any and all fields”), Tracy was particularly boisterous, recalling the specialty acts and the tumblers he had seen in vaudeville as […]

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

In the scene near the end of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? whereSpencer Tracy gives his memorable soliloquy, Katharine Hepburn can be seen crying. This was not acting: she knew how gravely ill her longtime lover was and was genuinely moved by his remarks about how true love endures through the years. Tracy passed away 17 days after production ended. Hepburn never saw the […]

Marilyn Monroe

  “There is one picture where you see the back of Gable and the front of Marilyn, and there’s a rubber tire somewhere. And she looks very happy and she’s hugging him and that was the moment when he told her he was going to be a father -I knew about it because he told […]

Bette Davis

  Bette Davis signing autographs for soldiers at the Hollywood Canteen I was head of it and I was responisble for it. It was very exhausting because I was working very hard all those years. But oh how worth it. And we had to have it because the service men who came through here never […]