Music – Movie – Music

Hitchcock slips on a pair of headphones to direct Anny Ondra on the set of his first sound film, Blackmail (1929). From the beginning, he exploited the audio track’s Expressionistic potential. The war hero crushes the leading lady against his chest as rain gently falls on her creamy, blemish-free cheeks. They kiss. Suddenly, from out […]

Lola 1914

Clara Kimball Young in Lola (1914, dir. James Young) In the film, sweet & virtuous Lola is killed in a car accident. She is restored to life, by means of her scientist father’s electric ray machine, but too late to prevent Death from carrying off her soul. The now soulless Lola promptly turns into an amoral jezebel […]

Richard Avedon

That’s Richard Avedon photographed by Brad Elterman. He has that taken back look because he had never seen a point & shoot camera before. After the photo Avedon asked Elterman what the fuck was a point & shoot. He never really understood them so he hated them. Even though he took many pictures of people […]

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow  “[Polanski] had the idea that I should absentmindedly walk across the street into the moving traffic, not looking right or left. ‘Nobody will hit a pregnant woman,’ he laughed, referring to my padded stomach. He had to operate the hand-held camera himself, since nobody else would. I took a deep breath. An almost […]