Top Hat 1935

Actress Ginger Rogers (1911-1995), with dancer Fred Astaire (1897-1987), in Mark Sandrich’s film, “Top Hat,” 1935.

The French Connection 1971

“What’s really stunning about this car chase is that New York City–where this sequence was shot–was not notified in any way about this chase segment being filmed. Which is simply incredible. But true. Aside from the staged crash impacts along the route of this chase sequence, the regular vehicular traffic was 100% real. Unbelieveable. This […]

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club is a band formed by veteran artists who used to play in 1940s in Cuba. During this time of restricted political regime, much of those musicians performed at the same club called Buena Vista Social Club (that’s the reason of the name). This traditional band keeps and holds the essencial of […]

April Fools’ Day

The first Joker created in 1928.   Yesterday was 1st April, the April Fools’ Day and me, as a person who hates to be fooled because I believe in most of things that people say, I decided to find out WHY and WHO created this meaningless day in the calendar. In the middle of a […]