The film tells the story of Guido Contini, a director disturbed by women from his past and present of his life. Guido loses control of his mind, his work and focus, showing the decay of a genius for does not dose the pleasures and facilities of fame. This great Italian film director goes through his […]

Heart and Body

Emperor of Brazil and King of Portugal, the mortal remains of Dom Pedro 1st – Pedro 4th to Portugal – were divided between the two countries. The heart lies in the Church of Lapa, in Porto – Portugal and the body in the Ipiranga monument in Sao Paulo since 1972. Born at the Palace of […]

Lady Meat-Gaga

The controversial dress worn by Lady Gaga during the Video Music Awards this year, made only from raw meat, already has a definite destination. According to the stylist Franc Fernandez, who designed the dress, it will be dried and stored for posterity. The designer also said, for making the dress, used more than 20 pounds […]

Festival of Short Films Latinos Corto Circuito

The 7th edition Festival of Short Films Latinos Corto Circuito, held in New York, will feature over 50 works, including fiction stories, documentary and amateur work. Shorts films from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela and the U.S. Latino population will appear in the seventh edition of the festival, said today […]

The Dark Tower

The master of horror Stephen King will have his famous series “The Dark Tower” adapted to television and movie. The production will be a partnership between Universal Pictures and NBC. The possible adaptation was commented since the beginning of the year but now has been made official. From the seven books are expected to make […]

Kate Moss and Bryan Ferry

The supermodel Kate Moss has been cast to the cover of the Bryan Ferry’s new album called “Olympia.” On the cover, Kate was pictured in the same pose of the model in the Manet’s painting that has the same. “Kate is the ‘femme fatale’ of our time, she is as controversial as beautiful, and the […]

Brazilian Bob Dylan

I read in the newspaper about the new adventure of Bob Dylan, he decided to attack as a painter. His first exhibition is in London next week and has the theme of Brazil. I searched the internet and had a look of his works and it can certainly resemble to other works sold in fairs […]

Corinne Day

After rumors surfaced over the weekend, Vogue Italia has confirmed the death of the photographer Corinne Day on Saturday, March 28/08, at 45, after a long battle with a brain tumor. The artist is seen as the forerunner of the movement “heroin chic”, with photo essays roles of extremely thin models and which seem to […]

Newspaper JB

I’ve been following the decline of print newspapers for the past few years. Great institutions that operate for more than 50 years in several Brazilians states are stopping printing the News, some like “Diary of the Night,” “The Night”, “The Journal”, “The Daily News,” “Last Time”, “The Tribune”. Especially in the southeastern, companies already had […]