Nowhere Boy

I am a Beatle maniac, as everybody labels me. I have albums, movies, The Anthology, pictures, everything that was left by my father to me. Yes, it’s his fault. I was raised to like Beatles and rock’ n’ roll and, living in a country like Brazil, I am glad for that. Here we have Samba! I don’t […]

The preservation of Noir Films

The Film Noir Foundation is an institution created to preserve noir films and ensuring the circulation of these classic movies. Their mission is to find and preserve movies of being lost or damaged, saving the legacy to futures generations. In their website you can read synopsis and watch interviews with actors and director who participated […]

After seven years Blondie released new album.

  Clem Burke, Blondie’s drummer, during an interview with Billboard confirmed the group is planning to release an album of new material, the first since “The Curse of Blondie” in 2003. Besides the new album, “Panic of Girls,” the band is embarking on a world tour that begins in November and December in Australia, with […]