Ecstasy and abstinence

Complete opposite but so similar. All depending on which point of the line you are. I’ve passed for these two points, but finally managed to find my balance – I am in the middle, I don’t know for how long, but here I am! (Thanks to you!)  Ecstasy, according to the dictionary, has two meanings. […]

To my Liver

My closest companion. In joy or sorrow he is the one who suffers with my excesses. If he could get out he would chose a child’s body to recover his early disability. If he could speak he would only use curse words for me. If he could cry I would be flooded. If I could […]

Death Proof

  The movie was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and it is a tribute to films considered as B-side. The director loves movies with hot and dangerous girls in dirty bar and, to finish the mix, let’s adds a crazy man with desire to kill and a fast car. Done! It’s the resume of the movie Death […]

Diablo Cody is hostess in talk show

After write about striptease clubs and teenage pregnancy ,the American writer Diablo Cody target the world of celebrity in her new project. “Real Band Trailer”, showed in YouTube, put Cody in front of cameras trying to take out “some truth” of showbiz names. Cody started her carrier on internet with the blog “Pussy Ranch” where […]

I am you.

I feel safe! That’s the way I feel when I am with you. You keep me under control, very calm, very smooth… and I just love it! It’s a peaceful love with taste of toffee apple. My charming prince, my tender lover, my old boy. We met by chance as people often do. Now I […]

History of eye (Histoire de l’Œil)

Published in 1928, the debut text f Georges Bataille (1897-1862) definitely falls in the literary history of the twentieth century. A famous record of surrealist French group, the novel is about the outrageously discoveries sexual made by the narrator and his friend Simone, a couple who live magically in the margins of adults censure, traveling […]


Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy cereal and I could see the variety of ads about to start the day healthy. Going a little further down the corridor I noticed a lot of products with appeal “be healthy to live longer”. Less sugar, no fat, fiber and vitamins! It’s the fever of being […]

Polanski recovery plan before prison

The director Polanski, out of his cottage now, will continue a project that have initiated before the house arrest. The project is to make a film based on the dark comedy “Le Dieu du Carnage” by his friend Yasmina Reza, winner of the Tony Awards.  The information was published by French writer, who also said […]

Man breaks into church with backhoe in Portugal

Yesterday 42 years-old man broke into a church called Universal Kingdom of God, settled in the city of Faro. The incident didn’t hurt anyone but caused a damage of 100 thousand Euros to the building. The man accuses the church for have taken advantage of his emotional fragility to take his money. Arrested, he affirms […]