It’s a story about a superhero super lost! Will Smith is John Hancock a hero who lost his memory and wakes up in a hospital. Because of his lost he is always drinking, sleeping on the streets or saving people causing damages to the city. He seems like an antihero until meets and save Ray […]

Bright Star

In London, 1818, the young poet John Keats’s neighbour Fanny Brawne, a fashion student of strong opinions. Their worlds could not be more different but charming John approaches the girl and offers her to teach poetry. The two ends up falling in love, and the moment that Fanny’s mother and best friend John find the […]

Coffee and Cigarettes

Personalities like Cate Blanche, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits act like themselves dipped in nonsense conversations while drink coffees and light cigarettes. This production counts in 11 short films with a greater diversity of topics and was filmed over a long period of 17 years. The movie has 96 minutes and was directed by Jim […]

Hidden heritage

I read in the newspaper about the old big houses in São Paulo and how the government prefer to sell to private companies than save our patrimony.  These houses has been demolished and replaced by residence buildings or malls. A man from SP countryside horrified because of the government neglect, create a blog who fights […]

TV Shows

I love TV show. My family and I always watch it and become a fan of the actors and stories. Sometimes we pretend to be part of it. For example if we are watching “House” we become very bitter and acid, but very smart. With “The Mentalist” we pay attention in every little detail and […]

English Heart

Do you know that familiar saying that luck in the game and bad luck in love? I think there should be a third option saying that OR NO LUCK AT ALL! I don’t fit in one or another. Completely helpless. I am not totally happy about my relationships. I confess that many successful relationships had […]

Pagu Moderna

The Oficial do Estado de São Paulo e Editora Unisanta will launch on July 1st the book Roses Home, which is the Photobiography of Pagu, by Patrícia Galvão, Lúcia Maria Teixeira Furlani and Geraldo Galvao Ferraz. This book recounts the rich history of the muse of the Brazilians modernists from extensive iconographic material and many […]